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An informal panel talk with Prof. Dr. Julia Lehner
June 5th 2014, 19h

We talked about Art and how to see it properly, works of art as living beings, about fashion and its deeper implications, the difficulty and the need for leisure in order to appreciate what's going on around you, our respecitve loves for the job - and much more. Perhaps there will be a reprisal ....

Über Grenzen sprechen - Talking about Borders
International East European Drama Competition 2014 Georgia

June 4th 2014 20h, Garage X, Theater Petersplatz, Klub X, Vienna

Reading the award winning plays Angry Bird/Basa Janikashvili and War Mother/Data Tavadze  

Garage X. Venue. 1010 Vienna.






Exhibition: Rätsel Kosbacher Altar.
8th February - 18th May 2014, Stadtmuseum Erlangen
In cooperation with the UFG - FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

The "Kosbacher Altar" is a square-cut stone construction next to an Iron-Age grave mound in the Mönauer Forst near the small village of Kosbach. The grave mound itself is # 9 of 13 known grave mounds in this area. It was first erected during the Urnfield period (ca.1000-800 BC) and subsequentlly used and modified until early La Tène, when our mysterious stone construction "Kosbacher Altar" was added to the west of the mound. After that its use as burial ground was discontinued.

In 1913 it was rediscovered and unearthed by the amateur archaeologist Rev. Rudolf Herold who also coined the expression Kosbacher Altar. since then it has become a popular sightseeing destination and also a regional meeting point for neopagan worship.

Whether or not the Kosbacher Altar was really used as an altar or what its original function had been remains unknown. The exhibition endeavours to present its archaeology as well as its history of recovery and the yet unsolved mystery surrounding it.

I was part of the team designing the exhibition and contributed to the presentation of its modern, New Age use.

I am quite happy to anncounce that this little exhibtion met with great public interest. 


Letzte Stunde(n), Staatstheater Nürnberg, Bluebox

première: 14th February 2013

dernière:  23rd March 2014


Twenty odd years ago as a fledling professional, I already played the movie icon M. M. in Terry Johnson's play Insignificance.  Ever since then I have taken a special interest in M.M.'s biography. Her life long struggle for acceptance as a serious actress is as touching as her desperate quest for "Mr. Right". But that's not all. As a famous movie star she was bound to associate with the rich and mighty of her country, one the then two super powers that rocked this planet during the Cold War. And those men weren't renowned for playing nice. She, on the other hand, was everything but a mere dinner table decoration. Despite being overwhelmingly insecure at times she was a smart self-made woman of enormous ambition, a star in her own right who took up with the "top rat pack". Her legendary affair with JFK and subsequently with the Attorney General, Robert Kennedy is just the peak of the story. Probably there were others, just as politically powerful and dangerous to cross and moreover, sworn enemies to the Kennedys. She got herself entangled in a very dangerous mesh of disparaging political interests. There she bit off more than she could chew and utterly misjudged the role she played for those men. A fatal mistake. In the end, I think, that is what blew her out of the water. Her life and death has the dimensions of Ancient Greek tragedy and even now her story does not stop there: Some of the political settings she struggled with eerily parallel today's NSA affair.

It was an outstanding experience and I will certainly continue to write for the stage.

After all - storytelling is the core of theatre, isn't it?

Literarische Gegenrede; KUNO: Byron I

Lord Byron has always been one of my favourites. I was honored of been offered the opportunity to read some of his poems in the original in the fall/winter of 2018.

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